Wisconsin Renewable Energy Act Introduced

Senator Mark Miller and Democratic representatives rolled out a comprehensive bill to strengthen Wisconsin’s clean energy policy structure. The goals of the Renewable Energy Act are cheaper energy; energy freedom; and job creation/economic development. One of the main features of the legislation is to increase the state’s Renewable Electricity Standard from 10% by 2015 currently to 20% by 2020, and 30% by 2030. While the sponsors don’t expect the bill to pass during the current legislative session that ends at the end of March, it re-opens the issue of ways to capture and prosper from locally available renewable energy sources to address Wisconsin’s $12 billion+ a year dependence on out of state fossil fuels imports.

Republican lawmakers also have unveiled proposals on renewables in this session, with a proposal to freeze the renewable mandate at 2010 levels and another to allow nuclear power to qualify as a renewable resource.

To read these legislative proposals, including the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Actvisit the Energy on Wisconsin website.