Wisconsin Electric Rate Restructuring in Contention

We Energies, WPS and MGE have filed to make fundamental changes in their pricing to prepare for what they see as an increasingly competitive marketplace, one in which more customers will generate at least some of their own power from renewable sources like solar and biogas. These changes would increase fixed monthly costs while reducing the variable portion resulting in noticeably increased bills for customers who use less than average amounts of power and substantially lower bills for high users. Additionally, the pricing changes would make renewable resources less attractive financially and would significantly reduce the incentive for customers to use energy more efficiently. Also, some utilities are proposing rule changes that would further restrict the ability of customers to install renewable energy generation. The utilities argue that their proposed changes would not only allow them to recover their system costs with greater certainty, but would also more fairly allocate those costs among their customers.

If you buy power from WPS, We Energies or MGE, learn how their impending electric rate restructuring cases could impact you. View the balanced panel presentations on the UW-Extension archived webinarWisconsin Rate Restructuring Webinar: What are the Costs?

Public comment and hearings are through the Public Service Commission. Public comments can be filed on We Energies rate case through October 7; MGEs rate case until October 8, 2014. Public hearings are being held for We Energies – Wednesday, October 8 at 2 pm and 6pm at Wilson Senior Center, 2601 W. Howard Ave., Milwaukee and, for Madison Gas & Electric – Thursday, October 9 at 9:30 am at Amnicon Falls Hearing Room, 610 North Whitney Way in Madison. It is expected that the Public Service Commission will make their rulings in December.

For more information, see NEW UTILITY BUSINESS MODELS from America’s Power Plan, the Resources section below, www.mge.com/ratecaseReedsburg Times-PressJS and Voxmedia.