Green Building & LEED Add Significantly to GDP, Jobs, Labor Earnings, Savings

The cumulative direct economic impact of green construction nationally from 2011-2014 was $167 billion to GDP, 2.1 million jobs and $148 billion in labor earnings according to  The Green Building Economic Impact Study prepared for the US Green Building Council, September 2015. Green building outpaced traditional construction. Continued growth is projected for 2015-2018 with an additional $303 billion in GDP that supports 3.9 million jobs generating $268 billion in labor earnings. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) construction spending is estimated to be directly responsible for 1.4 million jobs and contribute $109 billion to the GDP by 2018. Additionally, four-year indirect GDP contributions from green construction are projected to rise from $189 billion to $346 billion

In Wisconsin, the economic impact on employment from green building was 104,000 jobs with $5.9 billion in earnings from  2011-2014, which is projected to  grow to 195,000 jobs with $11.4 billion in earnings (direct and indirect) 2015-2018. Furthermore, significant growth in environmental savings from green building are expected from 2015-2018 including savings in energy $2.4 billion, maintenance $1.5 billion, water $256.5 million, and  waste $99.2 million.  See info-graphic