Largest Milwaukee Office Building to Earn LEED Gold for High Performance

A 30 story, 654,000 square foot, multi-tenant, class A office building, 411 East Wisconsin, is the largest in Milwaukee to receive a LEED gold certification for an Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (LEED O+M) from the US Green Building Council.  LEED O+M certifies high performance in energy, water and resource conservation, indoor environmental quality and occupant engagement.  To meet the energy performance requirements, a building’s energy use is benchmarked (measured) and system upgrades made to earn an Energy Star from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).  411 East Wisconsin’s Energy Star rating is a 91, operating in the top 10 percent of similar office buildings by type in the state and nationally.  To accomplish this, Riverview Realty Partners installed LED lighting and occupancy sensors, high efficiency chillers, Energy Star plumbing fixtures and a building automated controls system as part of a multimillion dollar upgrade.  Riverview Realty Partners states that earning LEED certification was a smart business decision that showcases their leadership, reduces operating costs, and is essential to attracting and retaining quality tenants.  For more information and cpexecutive