Floating Wisconsin’s Energy Water Nexus

The largest category for water consumption is electric power generation. Similarly, the largest demand for electricity is water extraction and distribution. This strong interdependency drives great opportunity in Energy Water Nexus (EWN) to impact both energy and water consumption. It is projected by the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) and The Water Council (TWC) that the EWN market will grow dramatically from the current $240 billion to nearly $500 billion by 2025.

The EWN road-mapping report (see resources below) significantly expands the baseline EWN opportunity set to include many large water and energy embedded consuming applications in agriculture, industry, buildings and residences outside of the traditional water and energy cycles. Market projects, by market segment, from both top-down and bottom-up projections are contained in the report. M-WERC is launching an EWN working group in May to implement over 20 specific recommendations from the EWN Roadmap Report.