These Roads in Sweden Can Charge Electric Cars

Article originally published by GreenMatters

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more common on the road, the basic problem of how to charge them reappears. For EVs to be truly practical, they need to have accessible charging options. …As a result, plug-in charging stations are already being replaced by stations that can charge electric vehicles wirelessly. For example, Momentum Dynamics Corporation is already working on wireless charging systems for fleets of electric buses in the United States.

The Swedish Transport Administration has unveiled a project called eRoadArlanda that will hopefully electrify all the highways in Sweden. They have teamed up with EV pros to create an initial stretch of road that powers electric cars and trucks as they drive along. The electrified road is located near Stockholm and is about 1.2 miles long. The goal of the project is to test this electric technology so that range concerns can eventually be eliminated. Sweden is personally invested in this game changing system because they aim to have a fossil fuel free transportation infrastructure by 2030 …