Utilities to Reduce Rates Slightly

Three WI utilities have applied to cut or freeze electric rates as a result of the federal tax cut and other factors after consumers have seen several years of rising energy bills that are among the highest in the country. All customers will receive immediate bill credits for the rest of 2018, due to savings from federal tax reform. Madison Gas & Electric has asked the PSCW to cut electric rates by 1.94 percent for 2019 and 2020 that would result in $1.33 a month, or $15.97 a year savings for a typical household. They applied to hike natural gas rates 36 cents a month in 2019 and 97 cents a month, or $11.65 a year in 2020 to cover the costs of maintenance and upgrades to the natural gas infrastructure.

Xcel Energy will reduce its rate by 0.4 percent for 2019 based on lower natural gas costs and renewable energy investments providing cheaper electricity. Residential customers will see about a $23 savings plus a monthly credit of $4. Alliant Energy will freeze electric and natural gas rates through 2020. The Citizen’s Utility Board (CUB) worked diligently with the utilities on their rate proposals wsj, wizmprnewswire