Focus Solar Programs Well Subscribed

Focus on Energy renewable programs spent more than $4 million on 970 solar PV projects in 2018 that will generate over 15 MW of electricity. This $4 million in incentives leveraged over $30 million in investments. Residential projects accounted for 77 percent of awards to generate 4,648 kW of power that will save more than 153 million kWh of electricity over the life of the systems. The 220 non-residential projects will generate more than twice the electricity or 10,602 kW to save 339.3 million kWh over the systems’ life.

In 2019 Focus will run three RECIP grant rounds in January, June, and September. Additionally, Focus will have $1.2 million for prescriptive grants, though down from $2.07 million from 2018. However, the prescriptive awards for rural residential customers will double to a maximum of $4,000.