Conservative group urges Wisconsin lawmakers to embrace renewable energy

As the cost of wind and solar power continues to fall, a new organization is pushing the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature to embrace renewable energy and begin working on policies to address a rapidly changing marketplace. “Clean energy may very well now be the cheapest source of energy,” Scott Coenen, executive director of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, told a handful of lawmakers this week at a briefing at the state Capitol…

Coenen urged lawmakers to begin working on policies to address issues such as:

  • How to pay for trillions of dollars of investments in coal-fired plants, many of which are now money-losers.
  • Making sure Wisconsin is training workers to fill some of the fastest-growing occupations: solar installers and wind technicians.
  • Supporting the establishment of more electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Addressing third-party financing of rooftop solar panels, a brewing battle between utilities and solar developers who want to be able to lease equipment to home and business owners.
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