Governor’s Budget Bold on Clean Energy

Governor Evers’ budget sets a statutory goal that 100 percent of electricity produced in Wisconsin be carbon-free by 2050. This supports his commitment, along with 40 percent of US states, to uphold the Paris climate agreement through the US Climate Alliance and reduce carbon pollution and promote clean energy deployment. By setting the goal as carbon-free rather than 100 percent renewable energy, it includes nuclear energy that makes up 15 percent of Wisconsin’s current energy mix. Of Wisconsin’s investor owned utilities, Xcel has a 100 percent by 2050 goal while MGE, Alliant and We Energies have 80 percent carbon reduction goals by 2050.

To support the goal, Evers will create an Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy in DOA with five positions transferred from the Public Service Commission; and includes providing additional funding to Focus on Energy; administering a $4 million clean energy research grant; and, using the $25 million Volkswagen money for electric vehicle charging stations and public transit replacement.