Wisconsin Ranks 24th in Solar Jobs in National Census: Companies Seeking Workers

The 2018 National Solar Jobs Census by the Solar Foundation found that the US had 242,343 solar workers in 2018, an increase of 159 percent from 2010. Yet, solar employment decreased by 3.2 percent or 8,000 jobs nationally since 2017, while Wisconsin and most other Midwest states experienced growth. Wisconsin saw 3 percent growth (90 workers) in solar employment and ranks 24th in overall solar jobs. Illinois (13th) added 1300 solar jobs, Ohio (7th ) added 650, Minnesota (18th) added 350, Indiana (23rd) added 339, Michigan (18th) added 35, and Iowa (39th) added 29 jobs.

Women make up 26 percent of the US solar workforce according to the demographic analysis (see infographic), in keeping with the findings of the first global study on gender in renewable energy (see Resources below). By sector, the vast majority of jobs  (over 155,000) are in solar installation and project development, with more than half in residential installations, 30 percent in noncommercial and 14 percent in utility-scale solar.

One third of solar installers and developers  and 1/4 of all solar employers find it very difficult to find qualified workers. Positions in sales, marketing and customer service were most difficult to fill, followed by management, then electricians and construction workers. Wages in these jobs range from $24-$32/ hour for electricians and $19 -$24/ hour for non-electricians.

Census Highlights from National Solar Jobs Census Infographic: Solar Energy Providing American Jobs in All 50 States