76,000 Employed in Clean Energy in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has 76,383 clean energy jobs of the more than 737,031 in the 12 Midwest States according the Clean Jobs Midwest 2019 survey. That places WI fifth in the region, as seen in the first bar graph below. Within Wisconsin, clean energy jobs are distributed fairly evenly across the state’s congressional districts (see map). Energy efficiency accounts for 83 percent of the jobs, helping businesses, residents and manufacturers to save money. Yet, the 1.4 percent job growth in energy efficiency in Wisconsin lagged the rest of the Midwest that experienced a 2.6 percent increase.

Renewable energy generation accounts for 5,963 jobs from wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and low-impact hydropower. There are 4,783 jobs in advanced transportation employing people who build hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, and fuel-cell vehicles. The plug-in hybrid vehicle industry in Wisconsin was the fastest growing, up 28 percent to employ nearly 1,000 people statewide. The remainder of Wisconsin’s clean energy jobs are in advanced grid technology and clean fuels. In total, clean energy jobs make up 2.5 percent of Wisconsin’s workforce. Clean Jobs Midwest