First Large-Scale Solar Farms Approved for Wisconsin

Wisconsin will increase its solar generation nearly 5 times with the recently approved 450 MW large-scale solar farms in Iowa and Manitowoc/ Kewaunee Counties (see EnergyOnWI news, May/June 2018). The 300 MW Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Iowa County, to be developed by NextEra, will become the largest solar project in Wisconsin and the Midwest. Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) will acquire half or 150 MW of power from the project that will go into the electrical grid that serves southwest Wisconsin. The 150 MW Two Creeks Solar Project in Manitowoc and Kewaunee Counties, by developer Invenergy, will provide 50 MW of clean power to MGE and 100 MW to WPS. The utilities will buy the project at a later time. WPRJSonline

To address some concerns about large scale solar on agricultural land, please see EnergyOnWI news Director’s Note, February 2019.