Wisconsin Focus on Energy Delivers

Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy programs delivered $3.66 in direct economic benefits per dollar spent as a result of working with more than 6,000 businesses and 130,000 households in 2018, as analyzed by the Cadmus Group. During the quadrennial of 2015-2018, Focus delivered $5.09 in benefits for every $1.00 in costs incurred. The $100 million public benefits program helped participants avoid $90 million in annual electricity costs and prevented nearly 28.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Focus saved over 15.4 million MMBtu’s over the quadrennium, meeting and exceeding the PSC’s goals for energy efficiency. The programs that contributed the greatest savings were: Retail Lighting and Appliance for residential electricity, New Homes and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR for residential natural gas (rural sector especially), and Large Energy Users for electricity and natural gas for nonresidential sectors.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab showed Focus on Energy as one of the most cost-effective efficiency programs in the nation 2009-2015, requiring 1 cent of administrative costs for every kilowatt-hour saved. Focus on Energy, provides savings to consumers, and helps reduce overall energy demand and the high costs of power plants and transmission lines. WSJ