Beloit Coal Plant Turned LEED Student Center

The Beloit College Powerhouse, redesigned and renovated from the 100-year-old Blackhawk coal-fired Generating Station along the Rock River, will become a model of energy efficiency. It will use the river water in radiant panels integrated into the building’s surfaces to heat and cool the structure as part of its LEED Gold strategy. The 120,000 square foot, $38 million Powerhouse will contain a recreation gym and fitness center, track, and competition pool along with auditorium, student spaces, and conference center.

Beloit College Powerhouse, designed by Studio Gang, won the 2018 World Architecture Festival prize in the Reuse category and was a finalist in their health- futures projects category as well. It should be open Fall 2019. See photo of the month below. StudioGangWIFR

Photo courtesy of Beloit College