Paris Solar Farm faces mammoth hurdles

Identification of archaeologically significant areas — such as the sites where Kenosha’s famous mammoths were found — is one of several issues holding up plans for a 1,400-acre solar farm in Paris. Invenergy, the Chicago-based company with lease options on upward of 5,000 acres west of I-94 and adjacent to Highway 142, was given an extensive pre-application to-do list by the state Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Public Service Commission…

…it is estimated a 200-megawatt farm in Paris would provide $800,000 in shared revenue annually, $330,000 of which would go to the town…The 50-megawatt battery proposed to be used in Paris would be the biggest used for this purpose nationwide and the first of its kind in Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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