Smart Thermostat Programs Help Reduce Peak Load

Xcel Energy and Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) are offering smart thermostat programs to help balance their utilities’ peak loads while saving residents energy and money. Smart thermostats collect data on users energy use and temperature preferences to maximize energy efficiency. Users receive energy consumption reports to help them identify where they are using energy that has the potential for savings. Also, users have the ability to control the smart thermostat at anytime from anywhere using a mobile app.

Once a customer is enrolled in a smart thermostat program, their utility is granted access to adjust a resident’s thermostat settings at peak load times through an online connection. However, program participants have the option to opt out of the adjustment.

Balancing peak energy loads plus energy use reductions, may help prevent the need for new generators, power plants, and infrastructure. In 2017, Xcel Energy found that their program saved 8.3 MW and $6.4 million across their service territory.

Wisconsin consumers can receive a $75 rebate on a $250 smart thermostat through Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy. Additionally, Xcel offers a $45 rebate and $25 bill credit each year to participants. MGE participants receive a $25 VISA card once enrolled and an additional $25 VISA card each year they remain in the program. WSJ

This is one of the qualifying smart thermostats in the utilities’ programs.