Copenhagen – The “Five-Minute City” to Carbon Neutrality

The city of Copenhagen’s goal is to become the first carbon-neutral capital of the world by 2025. Already, it has cut emissions 42 percent. One key strategy is to become the “five-minute city” through urban planning and by improving transportation to the point that it takes only five minutes to walk from home to shops, schools and public transit. It will become easier to walk, bike, or take public transit than a car. They are striving to become one of the most bike-friendly cities as well.

Copenhagen’s energy, now at 158 MW wind, is planned to be at 460 MW by 2025.They have a waste-to-energy plant, and in the interim, a wood pellet plant. They are piloting geothermal energy and improving the energy efficiency of their existing building stock and designing new buildings to be energy efficient. FastCompany