PACE Wisconsin Remains a Commercial Financing Program

A bill being circulated in the Wisconsin legislature about property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing would not impact the commercial PACE Wisconsin program adopted by 42 Wisconsin counties and that is governed under uniform standards by a PACE Commission that has been delegated authority to assess special charges and administer PACE financing.  Currently, Wisconsin Statute 66.0627(8), (the “PACE Statute”) allows counties and municipalities to make PACE financing available only for the commercial sector or residential properties with five or more units. The intent of the bill by Representative Allen and Senator Strobel is to preempt issues that have arisen in other states related to PACE financing for residential projects.

PACE Wisconsin is a financing program that enables businesses to make energy efficiency and water saving upgrades and to add renewable energy via low-cost, upfront financing with private lenders that covers 100 percent of project costs. View Wisconsin PACE projects.