Shining Cities 2019: The Top US Cities for Solar Energy

Article originally published by American Solar Energy Society

Over the past six years, solar energy capacity more than doubled in 45 of America’s 57 largest cities, according to a new study released today [July 31, 2019] by Environment America Research & Policy Center. The report, Shining Cities 2019: The Top US Cities for Solar Energy, is the sixth annual edition of the most comprehensive survey of installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in major U.S. cities.

…One third of the cities surveyed in all of the report’s editions more than quadrupled their installed solar PV capacity over that period…

“The difference between cities leading on solar energy and those that are lagging is effective public policy – at the state and local level,” said Abigail Bradford, report co-author and policy analyst at Frontier Group. “A dozen cities in our report have made commitments to use 100 percent renewable energy and many more have programs and policies that encourage residents to install solar panels.”