Statz Bros, Milking Facility Anaerobic Digester with Combined Heat-and-Power

Statz Bros., Inc., a dairy farm in Sun Prairie Wisconsin, installed a second large biodigester in 2015.  The top image is of the exterior of the digester with its modified plug flow design that allows the production of biogas, separates the manure into solids and liquids, and enables Statz Bros. to use the separated manure for bedding and field applications. The image on the bottom, shows the interior of the engine room with the boiler and generator.  The boiler has a 6 million BTU input and the generator is a MTU, which is capable of producing 760 kW.  To read more: Biomass magazineRolls-Royce
Sun Prairie, WI
outside of Stat's Bros anaerobic digesterwork station of the Stat's Bros anaerobic digester

Photo courtesy of Statz Bros., Inc.