Gordon Bubolz Nature Center Microgrid, Appleton

The Gordon Bubolz Nature Center, an 18,000 square foot building on 725 acres near Appleton, WI is powered by the most advanced microgrid in the Midwest. The Center (top photo) is able to be powered by the grid or on its own by a grid-connected microgrid with solar. The zero net energy project is in keeping with their mission and provides a unique education opportunity for students that visit. The Immersion Center housing the microgrid controls at the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve (middle photo). Built from shipping containers, the Immersion Center functions as a learning lab and a control center for the new microgrid. The interior of the Immersion Center (bottom photo), including battery energy storage, a fuel cell, microturbine, and Kohler natural gas generator. This microgrid was constructed and installed by Faith Technologies and uses Schneider Electric’s EcoStructure platform, also featured in the middle photo.
Appleton, WI 06-2018
Photos courtesy of Faith Technologies