Solar to Benefit Iowa County Health, Safety, and Bottom Line

Iowa County installed a 100 kW ac solar PV system on the roof of it Health and Human Services building because it provides core functions to the safety and well-being of the county. The building houses the Health Department, Social Services, Aging and Disability Resource Center, SUN Program, and Veterans Services. The solar system, designed and installed by Arch Electric, will offset 44 percent of the building’s annual energy use.  Providing energy on site, especially if coupled with storage in the future, will help make the county more resilient in the face of severe weather events.

While Iowa County directly funded the majority of the $175,430 project, they received $32,965 in Focus RECIP funding that offset 19 percent of costs. Over the 30-year life of the project, the County will realize over $468,000 in energy savings with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 8.78%.

Iowa County Health and Human Services Building 100 kW solar PV system
Photo courtesy of Rick Klabough, Iowa County Government