Solar Financing for Wisconsin Rapids’ McMillan Library

In 2017, the McMillan Memorial Library Board took a leadership role in clean energy for the City of Wisconsin Rapids and  Wood County by investing in a large 235kW solar PV system that covers 13,000 square feet of the library roof. Viking Electric was the developer and primary funder of the $420,000 project, using the 30 percent federal solar investment tax credit. The Library Endowment contributed $125,000. Viking will own the system until 2023 when the library will purchase it at fair market value.  They are on track to raise the balance of funds from donations.

While the solar production doesn’t offset all the library’s electricity use on an annual basis, about 1/3 of its power is sold to Water Works & Lighting (WW&L) where it adds to the local grid for community use. Power generation is tracked on a kiosk for anyone to see. For more information.

Wisconsin Rapids is an Energy Independent Community working to generate 25 percent of its energy locally for government operations from renewable sources by 2025.