The City of Waterloo Improves Energy Efficiency Through Lighting

Karl Junginger Memorial Library in Waterloo, WI 
A  lighting retrofit at the Karl Junginger Memorial Library in Waterloo, WI increased their lighting efficiency tenfold. E3 Lighting upgraded nineteen 250 watt HID fixtures that used 315 watts to LED hanging pendants that use 35 watts of energy.

The project was one of several lighting retrofits on City buildings that received a total of $50,000 in funding from a PSC, Office of Energy Innovation grant. All told, 873 fixtures were replaced resulting in a 62.5 percent reduction in lighting electric use, with a simple payback of 1.13 years. Waterloo is an Energy Independent Community. This project continued their commitment to the 25 x 25 goal, reduced energy and maintenance costs (annual O&M savings of $9,250) and load, improved quality of light for employees and patrons, and furthered their resiliency efforts.

Photos courtesy of Kelli Mountford, Director, Karl Junginger Memorial Library