Carlson Electric Prevails Installing US Solar Equipment in Coronavirus Times

Solon Springs k-12 School’s 111 kW solar project is expected to go online mid-July after almost a year of delay. The project was halted due to equipment sourcing issues in the US for both the switch gears and inverters during COVID times. Carlson Electric was able to locate alternate manufacturers of US–made equipment with much work, which is a requirement of the grant funding from the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Carlson Electric installed 154 solar panels on the upper roof of the school and 146 more on the lower level.  Two of the panels are wired to connect with a big screen monitor to measure and display the array’s energy output for educational purposes. The system is expected to generate 40-50 percent of the school’s electricity needs, which will save the district nearly $12,600 annually.

The $250,000 project is being funded by a $124,500 grant from the PSC in 2018, a more recent second grant for $20,000, and a $13,950 prescriptive grant from Focus on Energy. The remainder is being funded by Carlson Electric as the tax sponsor. Since the project was started in 2019, Carlson is able to get the 30 percent Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Solon Springs 111 kW solar PV project on k-12 school’s roof. Photo courtesy of Dave Carlson, Carlson Electric.