President’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis

A substantial focus of President Biden’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis moves the country to a clean energy economy by using federal government procurement to stimulate the clean energy industry and good paying jobs. It (Sec 205) includes a federal clean electricity and vehicle procurement strategy to achieve or facilitate: a carbon pollution-free electricity sector no later than 2035; and, clean and zero-emission vehicles for Federal, State, local, and Tribal government fleets, including those of the US Postal Service.

It (Sec. 215) creates a Civilian Climate Corps to mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers. Like FDR’s CCC, this will create accessible training opportunities, dependable career paths, and good paying jobs. Its aim is to “… conserve and restore public lands and waters, bolster community resilience, increase reforestation, increase carbon sequestration in the agricultural sector, protect biodiversity, improve access to recreation, and address the changing climate.” whitehouse fact sheet