New Grant Program: EV’s for Good

EVs for Good is a new grant program for Wisconsin’s mission-based nonprofits that will reduce the upfront costs of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). The program will be administered by RENEW Wisconsin with a donation from Carol and Andy Phelps. In Wisconsin, nearly one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuel-based transportation. Even with Wisconsin’s current utility electricity mix that is still predominately fossil fuel based, transitioning to EV’s will improve air emissions. As utilities continue to move toward carbon-free electricity, impacts will be even more positive.

EVs for Good will offer grants for 20% of the cost of a new or used electric vehicle, with a maximum grant of $5,000. Larger grants, capped at $10,000, are available for organizations seeking to purchase an electric van or other vehicle capable of transporting eight or more passengers. In addition, $500 grants will be available for organizations choosing to install Level 2 (or higher) EV charging equipment.  For more information and application