Heat Pump Water Heater Installation – Going Electric

plumber installing the Ruud/Rheem 80 gallon hybrid electric heat pump water heater Simonson Brothers Supply truck

Photos courtesy of Sherrie Gruder, UW-Madison Extension.

Opportunity seized to install a heat pump water heater to replace a conventional  old residential 75 gallon natural gas unit that stopped working. Electrician installed a 30 AMP circuit, plumber installed the Ruud/Rheem 80 gallon hybrid electric heat pump water heater. Given the newer technology, found a plumber in the area willing and experienced through manufacturer’s webite. First cost higher with ~2 year payback based on 4 times higher efficiency. Federal rebate but no Focus incentive. Works seemlessly and quietly. Pictured are KJM Plumbing, Hill Electric, and Simonson Brothers Supply that service Dane County.