Green Steel Powered by the Sun

EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel, a Pueblo Colorado steel mill, will receive 90 percent of its power from a 300 MW solar facility, the largest solar project on-site for a single customer in the US. The project that will manufacture green steel will be on line fully in November.

The steel industry emits nearly seven percent of global carbon emissions. Major lenders to the steel sector are working to drive decarbonization in the industry. Six banks that leverage $130 trillion – ING, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale, and others commited to net-zero, created the Steel Climate-Aligned Finance Working Group in May.

Steel is one of seven sectors, including concrete, aluminum, chemicals, and the ships, planes and trucks that move them, responsible for 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Their carbon footprint is being addressed through the Mission Possible Partnership, “an alliance of climate leaders focused on supercharging decarbonisation across the entire value chain of the world’s highest-emitting industries in the next 10 years”. CPRING,greenbiz,