Microgrid Proposed for UW-Milwaukee

A microgrid combining wind, solar, and batter power is being proposed through a partnership between the Mid-West Energy Research Consortium and UW-Milwaukee. Wisconsin could become a national center for expertise in microgrid technology with the consortium hoping to capitalize on market growth that is expected to triple to more than $3 billion a year by 2019. Associate professor of electrical engineering Adel Nasiri, who is spearheading the project, will incorporate lithium-ion battery technology from Odyne Systems of Waukesha as well as zinc-bromide batteries from ZBB Energy Corp. in Menomonee Falls. The self-contained system for generating electricity would be installed at the UW-Milwaukee University Services and Research Building in Glendale.  The project is envisioned to serve as a test facility for research on microgrid and renewable energy electrical and storage systems. UW Madison’s Wisconsin Energy Institute has a microgrid facility for research as well.  Read the article here.