U.S. Sales of Plug-ins and Hybrids Growing

In 2013, the sales of plug-ins and hybrids grew 21 percent to 592,232 cars and light trucks according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association compared to 7.6 percent growth in total light-vehicle sales. Analysis in the May/June issue of Solar Today, shows this represents 3.8 percent of the overall market for new vehicles. “…If ElectricDrive were a car company, it would rank eighth in U.S sales…, ahead of Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia and Suburu.” Their calculations of cost-to-own for 28 vehicles show the least expensive 5 are (from least up): Chevy Spark EV, Mitsubishi i-MIEV, Smart ForTwo ED, Kia Soul EV and Toyota Prius C One. The most expensive of the 28 (from least to most) include: Tesla Model X2015, Hyunda Tucson Fuel Cell, Tesla Model S, Cadillac ELR and Porsche Panemera S E-Hybrid. The 2014 Efficient Cars Roundup chart provides useful details about each model for those interested in the technology, electric and total ranges, CO2 output, and costs of purchase and per mile.