Dane County to Produce 0.5 Billion Gallons of Clean Fuel and Spur Lake Clean-Up

Construction of a facility to turn cow manure and garbage into renewable fuel for thousands of vehicles is underway in Dane County. The facility will be the first in the nation with the capability to receive biogas from multiple, offsite locations and deliver fuel to offsite gas stations. Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi, will be increasing opportunities for owners of local biogas digesters to sell their biogas, which will keep manure off the land, reducing phosphorous runoff that causes algal blooms in the lakes. And, it will keep methane gas emissions, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, out of the atmosphere. Dane County is working with Cornerstone Engineering, Clean Fuel Partners, and Bioferm Energy – responsible for the biogas cleaning system. Gas from the Dane County landfill is currently sold to MGE to provide electricity for 4,500 homes. The end of that contract provided the opportunity for this innovative, new project. BiomassMagazine