Middleton Passes 100% Renewable Energy Resolution

The City of Middleton Common Council unanimously passed a Resolution in July to Address Global Warming Through Clean Energy (100% Renewable Energy Goals). The Resolution establishes goals to meet 100 percent of all City operations’ energy needs with renewable energy by 2040 and 100 percent of community-wide energy needs with renewable energy by 2050. It prioritizes energy efficiency, setting an energy use reduction goal for city operations by 2050 and stresses energy equity, affordability, and access. It commits to new, renewable energy with the City meeting its electric needs with 100 percent renewable sources by 2035 and community-wide by 2040.

The Resolution is a direct result of a 2016 ballot referendum on climate change that showed a strong, 81 percent mandate from City residents in support of mitigating climate change. Middleton signed an Energy Independent Community Resolution in 2008, included zero net energy in its 2010 sustainability plan, and signed the Mayor’s Climate Pledge to Support the Paris Accord in 2017. Middleton joins the Cities of Madison and Eau Claire along with over 70 other cities across the U.S. that have adopted 100 percent renewable energy goals. More informationinfographic