Tesla New Cars, New Chargers

Tesla released its “affordable” Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) at $35,000. The cost to consumers will be less with Tesla’s current federal tax credit of $3,750, plus whatever state tax credit might be available for EVs. Wisconsin does not offer tax credits for the purchase of EVs. The Model 3 offers a 220-mile range, rated by the U.S. EPA. Tesla unveiled itsModel Y, a larger version of the Model 3 to compete with SUVs, with an EPA estimated range of 300 miles. It will cost 10 percent more than the Model 3 and be 10 percent less efficient. Production of the Model Y will start in 2020.  Clean Technica

Tesla rolled-out its V3 Supercharging system that allows the Model 3 to recover up to 75 miles of charge in five minutes. V3 Supercharging will feature a new charging architecture, which allows up to four cars to charge at the maximum rate at one time. Upgrades to physical charging infrastructure complement a software upgrade to Tesla models, for which a driver navigates to a Supercharger, indicating to the car to prepare for charging (i.e., by increasing the battery temperature). Using this software, drivers can reduce charging times further. Wisconsin will receive upgrades to 11 Supercharger locations, and Superchargers in four more locations will open soon this year (see the map from Tesla). DesignNews