Renewable Hydrogen – An Economic Game-Changer

A Scottish think tank released a preliminary report entitled ‘Hydrogen Scotland: A Route to Export Powerhouse’ that highlights producing hydrogen from renewables, storing and transporting it to become an export powerhouse. Renewable hydrogen refers to the production of hydrogen using solar, wave, or wind power (currently, 95 percent is produced with fossil fuels). Technologies that store hydrogen as ammonia enable it to be transported for the first time and sold as a cheap, clean, and plentiful fuel source.

Investigation of these benefits and more appear in a recent study in Applied Energy, which explored wind energy production of hydrogen as well as hydrogen demand for light-duty vehicles in Texas. The study concludes that using wind power in early morning hours to produce hydrogen works favorably in Texas.
Australia has already created a roadmap for commercial use of hydrogen production, and Norway will explore it. South Korea plans to convert its 26,000 buses to hydrogen. The Scottish government pledged to phase out new petroleum and diesel light-duty vehicles by 2032, offering a new opportunity for hydrogen. Herald Scotland