UK Breaks No-Coal Record, then Peak-Solar Record

The first seven days of May in the United Kingdom (UK) became the first week since 1880 without producing electricity from coal-fired power plants. Most electricity during that week came from natural-gas-fired plants (46 percent), nuclear plants (21 percent), or renewables, including wind, biomass, and solar, generating about 22 percent of the electricity. The UK plans to shut down each of its coal-fired plants by 2025 as part of its climate target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2050. BBC

Then, in the second week of May, the UK’s Solar Trade Association announced twice that peak solar generation had broken the May 2017 record of 9.38 GW, generating 9.47 GW and 9.55 GW. Solar provides nearly 4 percent of the UK’s electricity, but 80 percent of community energy schemes feature solar power; and, 975,000 homes have installed solar technologies. Renew Economy