PSC Approves More Community and Utility-Owned Solar

Community solar programs and pricing for MGE and Alliant Energy were approved by the PSC June 20, 2019. Also approved was Alliant Energy’s request to provide utility-owned solar through, what’s typically referred to as, a Rent-a-Roof program, similar to the controversial program adopted by We Energies last year (see New Berlin School District article below). The concern is about loss of free-market accessibility for solar.

MGE has contracted with OneEnergy Renewables to build a 5 MW solar garden in Middleton at the Middleton Municipal Airport. The system will generate 9 million kWh a year of electricity for 1,000 households and eliminate 16 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually. That same night, Eric Udelhofen of OneEnergy Renewables presented the environmental impact assessment at a Middleton public hearing to show that the 16,000 single-axis tracking solar PV panels are compatible with aviation and environmental resources. If accepted by the FAA, project construction will begin in August and be completed by the end of the year.

Alliant Energy is meeting with the City and County of Fond du Lac to find a five-acre site to locate their 1 MW community solar garden. WSJ