World’s First Solar Train in Australia

A 1949 diesel heritage train by Byron Bay Railroad Company in Australia was retrofitted to be 100 percent solar-powered. A 6.5 kW curved carriage-top solar array and electric traction motors from the US, including a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery and regenerative breaking, powers the 70 ton train that transports 100 passengers. During peak sunshine hours, the solar panels provide the 5 kWh needed to completely power the super-efficient train over its 9.6 mile round-trip between beaches (only 5.21 watt-hours to move one passenger one mile, compared to the same trip by electric car that would take 14.06 watt-hours by our calculations). The entire system, including a solar array at one beach terminus, produced an excess 60 MWh of solar electricity for the grid in its first year, enough to power 17.5 three bedroom houses for a year. video,  CleanTechnica