Small Village, Big Solar in Amherst

The 22 kW solar PV system at the Jensen Community Center  (CC) in Amherst, WI was developed through a collaboration between Central Waters Brewing Company and Blenker Companies with the Jensen CC board. These two businesses included the Jensen CC with their projects both in bidding out a larger suite of installations and in applying for funding from Focus on Energy. They managed the projects, made the contacts, did the paperwork, and successfully solicited bids and funding. All three installations were completed by North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative.

Solar on businesses and organizations abound in Amherst, WI, a village of 1,035 in Portage County and home to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, which has multiple renewable energy installations of its own. Pictured here: top left: Central Waters Brewing Company 120 kW PV system and 1800 therm solar hot water system, photo courtesy of Anello Mollica; top right: Amherst Telephone Company; bottom left: Jensen Community Center; bottom right: Blenker Companies. Photos courtesy of Nancy Turyk, Amherst.
Some other local businesses with solar include the Amherst Bank, Gimme Shelter and Inertia Fitness Center.