Dane County Solar Array

Article originally published by Office of the Dane County Executive, September 26, 2014
Wisconsin’s Largest Municipal Solar Array Completed

When it came time for the busy Dane County Regional Airport to build an airfield maintenance building to house equipment, Dane County leaders decided to do so in step with our community values. Today, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Airport Director Bradley Livingston AAE unveiled the state’s largest municipal solar array – located on top of the new, green-built airfield maintenance building.

“As visitors fly in and out of Dane County at our customer-friendly airport, they can look down on these solar panels and witness our community’s values in action,” Parisi said. “From the ground the building may look rather plain – but the entire building is designed to minimize its impact on our environment. The airport is leading by example with this new facility.”

“This project is just one component of our department-wide sustainability plan that supports our ongoing commitment to the environment,” said Bradley Livingston, AAE.  “This strategy is consistent with Dane County’s efforts to incorporate green and sustainable standards across all departments and divisions.”

Roughly half of the 58,800 square-foot building’s energy will come from the solar project. Other environmentally friendly elements include recycled materials, geothermal heating and cooling,  and efficient plumbing and mechanical systems.

“We are honored to have been a partner on this project that reflects Dane County’s commitment to environmental responsibility,” stated David Mason, Vice PresidentofMead &Hunt.“We look forward to completing a Silver Leed certification for this facility in the near future.”

Concluded Parisi: “We’re proud that Dane County continues to lead by example, saving resources and tax dollars with thoughtful planning.”

Madison, WI
Photo courtesy of Dane County