Parrfection Produces Solar Too

David Parr and Victoria Solomon, of Parrfection Produce, LLC in Green County outside of Monticello, Wisconsin, went solar to grow their business long term. They grow, aggregate, and distribute produce in the upper Midwest. Having learned about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, and after doing their own research, they solicited proposals from 10 different companies for solar installation. Arch Electric became their installer and put in two systems: a 20 kW bifacial ground mount array provides electricity to the warehouse and a 3.8 kW roof mount system energizes the house and some of the 8,000 square foot greenhouse. With an incentive from Focus on Energy, the system cost was $2.00 per watt.

In order to accommodate solar on their house, the roof had to be replaced. They chose a silver metal galvilum roof that reflects sun in the summer, accommodates PV panels well, and can be recycled at the end of its life. Making their home and business sustainable, improves the marketability of Parrfection Produce and enables the owners to be good stewards for future generations.

Parrfection Produce, LLC installed two solar PV systems- a 20kW ground mount system using bifacial solar panels for greater efficiency, and a 3.6kW roof mount system to power both the house and greenhouse. These solar systems are expected to offset 50-70 percent of their electricity use while making their business and lives more sustainable.

Photos courtesy of Victoria Solomon, Parrfection Produce, UW-Extension