Lawns Become Greener with Market Upswing in Electric Lawn Equipment

The electric lawn maintenance movement is gaining ground as lawn care companies and individuals choose electric equipment to get the job done. The US market jumped in five years from 32 percent in 2015 to 44 percent in 2020 with North American manufacturers shipping 75 percent more electric-powered lawn equipment over that time period.

From electric lawn mowers and leaf blowers, including robotic models, these battery-powered or plug-in machines are quiet and zero-emissions. According to the US Department of Transportation, in 2018, nearly 3 billion gallons of gas were consumed to run lawn and garden equipment in the US, the amount equal to the energy use of 3 million homes. Electric yard equipment eliminates the harmful health and environmental impacts of smog. washingtonpost

Robotic electric lawnmower. TurfBot ( is a robotic lawn mowing service available in the greater Madison area.
Photo courtesy of Sherrie Gruder, UW- Madison Extension.