Menomonee Falls company launches solar power-sharing technology for residences

Article originally published by Milwaukee Business Journal.

A Menomonee Falls company has launched technology that will let developers and property management companies control and share solar energy or stored electricity that powers residences. EnSync Inc., doing business as EnSync Energy Systems, on Thursday announced [in May] the debut of the Home Energy System, a system that integrates with electronic power grids, but can also serve homes off the grid. The technology also includes a peer-to-peer feature, where individual residential units on a property can be linked into a network and excess energy can be exchanged between units.
The system stores energy generated onsite and companies can manage energy consumption in units that are unoccupied or empty because tenants are on vacation. Through the system, the electricity grid becomes the secondary or back-up source. Using lithium-ion batteries, the devices can store enough solar energy to power the entire home, according to a release from the company…