Farmer Scores 2-Year Payback on Solar

Griggs Cattle Farm, Ashland county, installed a 15 kW ground mounted solar system that generates 19,000 kWh per year offsetting electricity for freezers and farm house use. It will save Griggs over $2,200 a year. Griggs built his own mounts and installed his panels using the Ready to Install (RTI) program of Next Energy Solution. Jolma Electric, LLC did the electrical work. The panels were partially funded through a $9,200 Focus on Energy RECIP grant. In addition, as a business, Griggs received a 30 percent federal investment tax credit of $9,500. He is able to depreciate the system over 5 years through federal MACRS accelerated depreciation incentive for commercial property. In sum, these incentives will result in a 2-year payback for this solar system. This project was part of a partnership between Cheq Bay Renewables with Next Energy Solution as a contractor.