Middleton Cross Plains Area School District Adopts 100 Percent

Middleton Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD) Resolution ‘To address Global Warming through Clean Energy, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Choices, and Environmental Education” was passed by the school board March 22, 2021. It was resolved that MCPASD will establish goals to meet 100% of all district operations energy needs with renewable energy by 2035 among other sustainability goals. The resolution was written by Middleton high school students on the Green Team who spent a couple of years working to build support among the community and school board for its adoption. They were motivated by the disproportionate impact of climate change on their generation into the future and the need to empower students through education that encourages environmental awareness, health, economic justice, and inclusivity. Their resolution follows the City of Middleton’s passage of its 100 Percent resolution in 2018. (EnergyOnWI July, 2018)

MCPASD has already invested in moving toward clean electricity for its operations. It has invested in energy efficiency upgrades in some schools and green construction in new building projects. It has received Energy Star scores for all ten schools above 75 for three years in a row (Nine other Wisconsin school districts have achieved Energy Star rewards as well). It purchased 1 MW of solar from the 5 MW Solar Shares community solar garden that MGE installed at the Middleton Municipal Airport in 2019. (EnergyOnWI October, 2019) The district expects to save more than $1 million in electricity costs from the solar electricity by 2048.